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Art Day/ Play Day

Today was the monthly get together for our little band of art journaling fiends. We all met through a creative background and have supported one another in our ventures in journaling.

Each month we set ourselves a new challenge; this month was watercolour trees. I share below a few images of what I created. Very tentative at first (I am far more a "slap it all on the canvas and hope for the best" kind of girl!) I had dabbled with watercolour before but always found it to light and dainty for my style.

My first attempt following the video tutorials designed by Peter Woolley and Terry Harrison, while I enjoyed the tutorials and learnt a lot about just hinting at definition and form it wasn't quite ticking my boxes so far as working with my personal style. So I decided to build on what I had learnt and came up with these;

Working from light to dark, using Talens Ecoline inks range, I was able to mix, stain, and create the essence of trees with the lovely, bright canopies. Some were worked on wet, some straight on to dry coldpress watercolour paper, either way both created interesting results.

There is something so calming about sitting with a group of friends, drinking tea, chatting and just painting away. Needless to say this has given me a great boost and I will probably be working on more versions of these trees this evening!

Han x

#art #watercolour #nature #trees #painting

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