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Powertex Summer Retreat

This weekend I spent a brilliant two days at the summer retreat for Powertex; a chance for tutors and stockists of this fantastic medium to come together to learn, network and inspire one another.

For those not yet initiated in to the wonderful world of Powertex here is a brief outline;

Powertex is a universal medium and fabric hardener which is environmentally friendly and water based. Available in a range of colours, Powertex can be used to harden a variety of absorbent materials such as textiles, paper, cardboard, fabrics and leather. It's versatility lends itself to a whole host of different techniques including mixed media, sculpture and painting.

Hosted by Powertex HQ the event brought us all new ways to work with Powertex to create new workshops and art elements.

Our first task was to experiment with the transparent version of Powertex and create a fun altered bottle, focusing on colour and form. Transparent Powertex is perfect for sculpting and creating designs where you want to maintain the colour of your chosen fabric. Here I have used a stripy black and white base highlighted by a bright pink colour pop bow. Little accent cabochons have been included to add depth to the design.

Next up a mixed media canvas! I thoroughly enjoyed adding layers and textures to this piece to create a really interesting design. As with the previous project, so much was learnt about how Powertex performs and how this type of technique can be worked in to lots of different designs.

Finally we all created wire sculptures; a great discipline to try out and a very effective way to create larger bases onto which fabrics can be layered and hardened.

The weekend was a great success, new friends made and new techniques learnt.

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