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Printmaking Project

I have always admired the look and concept of printmaking art. The simple lines that convey so much detail; the work of such skill to be able to create a whole scene using a limited colour pallet.

With it being so cold and grey in February I figured I would finally take the plunge and give this medium a go! Tentatively I headed over to Amazon to research kits and finally settled on the Essdee Starter Kit. It came with good reviews and seem to have everything you would nee to get started, without being intimidating.

The kit itself contains;

5 x Lino Cutters styles 1 to 5

1 x Safety Lino Cutter, style A

1 x Lino Cutter Handle

1 x Aluminium Ferrule

2 x Linoleum Blocks 178x127mm

2 x Softcut Blocks 150x100mm

1 x Practice Piece

1 x Ink Roller (Brayer) 100mm Wide

1 x Ink Tray 240x200mm

1 x Safety Hand Guard

1 x Baren Cap

1 x Baren Base

1 x Tube of Premium Quality Water-Based Block Printing Ink (100ml)

2 x 45mm Printing Stamps

1 x Instructions

For my initial design I chose a photo of a beach hut from one of our local beaches. I drew my interpretation of the hut, simplifying the design so it was an effective line drawing.

Once I was happy with the design I went over the pencil lines with a black sharpie marker, this helps show the areas of lino you want to leave. And then I began cutting away the excess using the safety cutter and guard.

Working slowly I cut away all the lino around my lines to leave my desired stamp image. I found it best to cut away lightly at first the to go over the cut areas to create a more defined edge.

Next up it was time to ink up the lino. Using the black ink, tray and roller, it took a couple of attempts to get the coverage and pressure right. I found just plain white card gave the best transfer.

And here is the finished print! I love the quirkiness of it, along with the simplicity. While I still have a lot to learn, I am very please with how my first steps in to printmaking turned out!

Happy crafting! x x x

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