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Tutorial: "Butterfly Dreams" Tag


1x Greyboard Substrate

4x Small Flowers

1x Large Flower

1x Large Butterfly

1x Medium Butterfly

1x Small Butterfly


Decoart Texture Paste

Decoart Media Paints

Step 1

Select your substrate and embellishments.

On to your greyboard draw decoart art texture paste through a stencil of your choice.

Once dry cover all elements with white gesso.

Step 2

Using Decoart Media Acrylic paints create a wash over the greyboard.

I have used a combination of Prussian Blue Hue and Quinacridone Violet.

Tip: Build the wash slowly working up from a very watered down layer.

Step 3

To add depth to your base, dry brush for highlights.

Tip: Take most of the paint off your brush before you introduce it to the board, this way you can build the highlights with more control.

Step 4

Paint your embellishments with a base colour.

I have used Orange for the butterflies and Quinacridone Violet for the flowers.

Tip: To give your flowers an extra dimension add a layer of Interference Turquoise to the petals.

Step 5

Add details to the flowers and butterflies to give them character.

Once dry, layer them on to the base and fix in place using a strong adhesive.

Tip: To achieve the dotted effect use the end of your paint brush!

Happy crafting!

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