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Tutorial: "Graffiti Heart" Tag

Welcome to my submission for this months Craft Stamper Take it, Make it blog challenge. The theme is "Anything Goes!".

For this project you will need;

1x 137x78mm MDF Tag from Tando Creative

DecoArt Media Modeling Paste White

"Hearts & Swirls" Tracey Weinzapfel stamps from Dare2BArtzy

White Gesso

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics in Paynes Grey and Cadmium Red Hue

Step 1

Cover your tag with modeling paste using a palette knife. Be sure to remove any sharp lines created by the knife. The idea is to get a good covering but to leave texture in the paste.

Partially dry the paste using a heat gun, you want to create a skin on the surface but not to fully dry it.

Step 2

Take your stamp motif and dip it in cool water. Gently push the stamp into the paste, pressing down to ensure a good transfer.

Step 3

Add the heart details using the same process as described in Step 2, be sure to wet the stamp before each application.

Clean the stamps thoroughly after use.

Step 4

Once the modeling paste is completely dry, prime the whole piece with white gesso.

It is sometimes easier to water the gesso down a little to ensure all the low areas are coated too.

Step 5

Create a wash using Paynes Grey, start with a light covering and build up areas to create depth.

Step 6

To create highlights and bring out the textures in the paste, dry brush the piece with white gesso. Use only a small amount on the tip of a hogs hair brush for the best results.

Next carefully paint the central heart in a base of white gesso.

Step 7

Paint the edges of the tag in white gesso to give the piece a frame.

Finally, make the heart "pop" by painting it in cadmium red hue.

I hope you have enjoyed the "Graffiti Heart" tag tutorial, happy crafting!

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