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Tutorial: Premo! Sculpey Red, Black & Sparkle Pendant

As little black dress season approaches, why not add this fantastic Premo! Sculpey Red, Black & Sparkle pendant to your accessories collection? Join me as we take this project step by step, and create your very own jewellery.

For this project you will need;

Premo! Sculpey Black Clay

Premo! Accents White Gold Glitter Clay

Premo! Accents Red Glitter Clay

Sculpey Translucent Liquid Bakeable Clay

Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine

Sculpey Graduate Circle Cutter

Sculpey Hollow Bead Maker

Sculpey Acrylic Roller

Sculpey Super Slicer

Sculpey Satin Glaze

Step 1

Using your Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine roll out 10x10cm sheets of Premo! Sculpey Black Clay and Premo! Accents White Gold Glitter Clay on the thickest setting.

Trim the sheets using the Sculpey Super Slicer.

Step 2

To create the blended colour effect (known as a Skinner Blend); Lay the white gold glitter sheet on top of the black sheet and cut the clay diagonally just off centre creating two shapes, like triangles with one point missing.

Step 3

Stack the same coloured clay on top of each other and form the clay in to a square, with the black half on one side and white gold glitter on the other.

Step 4

Ensure the clay is joined by covering the sheet with baking parchment and rolling with the Sculpey Acrylic Roller.

Step 5

Fold the top edge of the sheet down to meet the bottom edge and put the folded edge into the condtioning machine, rolling the sheet through on the thickest setting to begin with.

Step 6

With every pass through the conditioning machine you will see the colours begin to blend.

Keep folding the sheet top to bottom to achieve an even blend of colour.

After a few passes though on the thickest, move the setting up to level 3 and continue to blend.

Step 7

Once you have achieved your desired level of blended colour, take the 1.75" Sculpey Circle Cutter and find an area of clay that will form the front of the pendant.

Step 8

Cut a second circle of the same size to form the reverse of the pendant.

Step 9

Place each circle of clay on to the largest form of the Sculpey Hollow Bead Maker, press the clay down gently so it takes the shape of the mould.

Step 10

To create the red focal point of the pendant; condition a small sheet of Premo! Accents Red Glitter Clay. Cut this clay using the graduated circle cutters and place it on to the hollow bead maker.

Next, create the aperture on the front of the pendant by sinking a circle cutter in to the clay off centre. Ensure you use a smaller cutter size than that you have used to cut the red glitter clay.

Add texture to the red glitter clay by pressing sand paper in to the surface of the clay.

Step 11

Bake the Premo! Sculpey clay on the hollow bead makers at 130c for 30mins.

Please bare in mind ovens can vary, I always recommend testing your over using scrap clay before you commit to baking your final project.

You can find further baking instructions here.

Step 12

Using the Sculpey Translucent Bakeable Clay, stick the red glitter focal point to the inside of the front half of the pendant, ensure the aperture is fully covered.

Once in place, bake as in Step 11.

Step 13

Next, to attach the back, add liquid clay all around the edge of the front and fix to the back. Ensure all edges line up and remove any excess liquid clay with a baby wipe.

Once the two halves and evenly joined, bake as in Step 11.

Step 14

While the pendant is baking, create the bale by cutting a small rectangle from the same clay as the two pendant halves. Fold the top to the bottom to create a loop. Ensure the clay is pressed together and bake as in Step 11.

Step 15

Using wet and dry sand paper, sand the edges of the pendant to remove any trace of the join. Spend time working up in grades of paper to achieve a good finish.

Fix the bale to the reverse of the piece using a strong glue.

Step 16

To finish, coat with Sculpey Satin Glaze and once dry hang from a necklace wire.

I hope you have enjoyed this Premo! Sculpey Red, Black & Sparkle Pendant tutorial, happy crafting!

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