• Hannah Oxberry

Tutorial: Vintage Bird

Layer up vintage papers to create this pretty bird motif, vintage inspired piece.

List of products used; DecoArt paints and mediums White Gesso White Modeling Paste

Matte Medium Crackle Glaze

White Antiquing Cream Antiquing Cream White Metallic Lustre Gold Rush Ultra Matte Varnish Media Fluid Acrylics Titan Buff Media Fluid Acrylics Green Gold 8x8 MDF Substrate

12x12 Distressed Harlequin Stencil

Guilding Flakes

Step One

Prime you 8x8" MDF Substrate with watered down white gesso. Select a vintage style image on paper and rip the edges for detail. Fix to the substrate with matte medium.

Step Two

Layer up more papers using matte medium to seal. Wash the images back using watered down white gesso.

Step Three

Using a palette knife, roughly draw white modelling paste through the distressed harlequin stencil. Leave the area featuring the bird motif free.

Step Four

Once the modelling paste is fully dry, lay the stencil back over the substrate and pick out the raised surfaces using a stiff brush and green gold.

Step Five

Once again, lay the stencil back over the substrate an apply glue in patches to the raised areas. Wash your stencil immediately. Then apply guilding flakes to the glued areas. Buff away any excess.

Step Six

Select areas on the design and layer these with crackle glaze, remember thick layers of glaze will give large cracks while thinner layers will result in small cracks.

Once the glaze is completely dry coat in white antiquing cream, ensuring the cream penetrates all the cracked areas. Buff away the excess with a slightly damp cloth.

Frame the piece with a white gesso boarder and edge with metallic lustre gold rush.

Create different designs by using a selection of papers.

Happy crafting! x x x

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