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Upcycle Project: Rocky The Rocking Horse

People often ask me where I get my creative inclinations from, and I always offer the same response; my mum!

I come from an artistic family, all of whom enjoy finding a treasure and giving it a new lease of life. One such project is "Rocky The Rocking Horse". Rocky was found in the back of a secondhand furniture shop in desperate need of a little love and attention so mum decided to bring him home.

Carefully all the elements were taken apart, striped, filled and sanded.

After priming him he was ready for his first coat. Using DecoArt Americana Acrylics, Mum applied a layer of Neutral Grey. Once dry she began adding the dappled effect using a stiff brush working up from Grey Storm, Slate Grey, Grey Sky and finishing in the lightest colour; Light Buttermilk.

His hooves and nose were painted Black with his features being highlighted in White and Baby Pink.

A tonal grey wool main and tail were added, along with a smart new saddle in studded red faux leather.

Finally his rocker was painted in contrasting black and white and he was finished in varnish.

This handsome chap was specially created for my nephews 2nd Birthday and will be off to his new home this afternoon.

There is something very rewarding about up-cycling previously loved toys - allowing them to be loved by another generation!

Happy Crafting x x x

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