• Hannah Oxberry

Welcoming 2017!

January always holds the promise of new adventures. Nothing could be more true for me right now. Having taken some time off in December to move; I am now back with my family in the beautiful Norfolk countryside. I have also taken up a full time position for work and I am enjoying seeing what else may develop.

January also means there are so many resolutions floating around, for the past couple of years I have chosen to learn something new and I have stuck to it! This year, however, I want to change things up a little bit; this year I will go with a simple "make time for me". It is so easy to get wrapped up in work, or chores, or countless other things that we rarely make time for ourselves. This year I intend to keep my resolution to make time for myself to enjoy the things I like. Such as my art and blog, like taking my camera out on a walk through the countryside, or simply snuggling up with a good book!

Happy crafting and here's to a positive and prosperous 2017!

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